We make complex wireless voice & messaging solutions practical for hospitals…

Why we’re in this business

We are true believers that technology can make the healthcare business more efficient, safer, and a better place to work. There’s great promise in the technology, but the results that are needed are much bigger than software and hardware alone. That’s where we come in.

What’s In a Name?

The T2 name is derived from our focus on "quality of life" technology products. Hospitals usually have Tier 1 (mission critical systems) covered by internal teams. There's a whole other class of important products often referred to as Tier 2. That's where T2 comes in. Find out more about how we've assisted customers like you.

T2 Always Goes that Extra Mile

In over 15 years of doing my job I've come across few vendors who go the extra mile and look at the whole customer, and T2 is one of them. They are responsive, proactive, and focused on our success, even if a product sale is not involved.

- Kerry Pisano, VP Support Services
Phelps Memorial Hospital (Tarrytown, NY)

Technology is only as good as the results you achieve

Our partnership with T2 has allowed us to keep users on the ground much more productive than we would've been able to do on our own. more »

- Jennifer Comerford, Site CIO
Midstate Medical Center (Meriden, CT)