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Nurse Call Integration Assignment Process with Vocera

December 18, 2007 No comments yet

One of the greatest benefits that is often overlooked in a Vocera implementation is nurse call integration. Allowing patient calls to be directed to the appropriate caregiver (either with or without a unit administrator triaging the call) in real time and then allowing that caregiver to call back to the room to understand what the real need is can be a real time saver. This certainly is better than responding to a generic call and walking to the room, only to learn that the patient's needs are something that can be resolved by perhaps a nurse's aide or tech. A barrier to ... More »

Selectively Enabling the Date and Time Stamp on Vocera Messages

November 10, 2007 No comments yet

For many users, having their Vocera voice mail or text messages prefixed with the date and time stamp is a very useful feature; however, in some cases this feature is best turned off. Fortunately, Vocera can accommodate both preferences. At one of our sites, the transport team uses Vocera and has requested that time and date announcement behavior be enabled. The same site also has nursecall integration between the Rauland Responder IV and Vocera and those users would prefer to not have data time stamping on messages. As a best practice, we often globally turn off the time and data announcement ... More »

TPC Healthcare Helps AtlantiCare EC Unveil Innovative Communication Solution in Record Time

November 8, 2007 No comments yet

As part of the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC) City Campus, the George F. Lynn Harmony Pavilion in Atlantic City, New Jersey recently opened its Emergency Center (EC), the first floor of a seven-story, $128 million construction project. The remainder of the City Campus expansion will be finished by mid-2008. The AtlantiCare facility will feature the latest advances in medical technology and equipment throughout the patient tower, which in addition to the new Emergency Center will include a Radiology Department, Intensive Care Unit and four, new medical surgical floors. With the kick-off of the new facility, AtlantiCare wanted to explore new options ... More »

Northern Westchester Hospital Improves Emergency Department Patient Flow with the Help of TPC Healthcare

November 3, 2007 No comments yet

Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH) had a specific business goal this year – to improve patient flow through the Emergency Department (ED) while ensuring the same high standard of quality patient care. To achieve this goal, NWH reviewed the current ED workflow and revised the process. As plans for the revised workflow were concluding in mid 2007 with a go-live date scheduled for October 1st, the implementation team realized that to fully implement the new process, instant, convenient voice communications among team members was needed. The Northern Westchester team studied available options and felt that the flexibility of a Vocera communication solution ... More »

What do I do when I'm on the Phone and my Badge Rings?

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

It can be a very frustrating when you are speaking on the phone and your Vocera badge chimes in "Can you take a call from Jane Doe?" At this point, the badge is trying to interpret your conversation on the phone as a "yes" or "no". More likely the genie will say "I don't understand. Will you take....." There are two ways to effectively handle this situation. If you do not care to pick up the call, press the top triangular Do Not Disturb button. This is equivalent to a verbal "no" in a yes/no question and the ... More »

How do I transfer a call from a phone to a Vocera badge?

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

The procedure for transferring a call to a Vocera badge will be the same steps you normally use when as transferring a normal phone call to another extension. Press the transfer button on your phone and then call the Vocera genie (hunt number) When the genie answers, say the name of the person you want reach If they answer, ask them if they want you to put the call through to their badge or to another extension. If they want you to put you through to their badge, either press the transfer button again, or just hang up. Keep in mind that phone systems ... More »

Genie mispronouncing Address Book entries?

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

Any name in the address book can be recorded by a person who has permission to do so. Give the command, "record a name for ...". If you have entries of people who are not Vocera badge wearers, you can still use their voices if you do this with them next to you. For instance: If Dr. Smith has a pager in the GAB (Global Address Book) but does not wear a badge (he is not a user), you can still "Record a name for Dr. Smith" with him standing by and record his voice. This way every time anyone ... More »

Want to check if an employee has been trained?

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

Simply call them. If you hear their recorded voice you will know that they have attended one of our training classes.

An Effective Way for Doctors to Use Vocera

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

Many Doctors feel that Vocera is too intrusive and interrupts their time with a patient. They would rather be paged and answer the page when they feel it is appropriate. Here's how Vocera can help: If the Doctor's pager has been entered into the system, they can simply put themselves on DND for the length of time they are with a patient. Anyone calling will hear "Dr ... is not accepting calls right now, would you like to send a page?" If they respond with yes, then not only does the Doctor receive the page as they prefer, but the person paging can ... More »

Concerned about security in the ED?

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

Customers have asked if there is a way to alert others of a threatening situation in a room without the perpetrator knowing. The answer: yes. Through the Admin console, an administrator can put all members of the ED in the conference for ED, or have each one give the command "join the conference for ED." Then when anyone in the department pushes and holds the call button down, everyone else in the ED will hear what is being said (as long as they continue to keep the button pressed).

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