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Rethinking Nurse Call

February 25, 2007 Comments Off on Rethinking Nurse Call

With all the innovation in medical technology and clinical software applications, it amazes me how little innovation there has been in nurse call solution over the years. I walk in hospitals that have invested millions on new software applications and have 20 year old technology for nurse call. . This is understandable since nurse call doesn’t require much sophistication to meet compliance for UL requirements in the US. This low-tech thinking on nurse call is gradually changing from both the suppliers and the hospital market. There are a number of factors that are driving this evolution from the hospital’s perspective. Wireless device ... More »

Norwalk Hospital Gets Vocera Right

February 17, 2007 Comments Off on Norwalk Hospital Gets Vocera Right

By assembling a cross-functional team and clearly establishing project goals and requirements up front, Norwalk Hospital, a 328-bed facility in Fairfield County Connecticut, found the right technology – and the right technology partner – to dramatically improve intra-hospital and patient-caregiver communications. Norwalk Hospital assembled a cross-functional team of technologists, nurses, clinicians, and doctors who set practical and realistic expectations, made sure the hospital’s infrastructure could support the technology and carefully vetted all solution providers to ensure the proper level of support after deployment. Next, the Norwalk team visited a hospital that had recently deployed a Vocera communications system. The team toured the ... More »