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Vocera Badges disappearing?

November 1, 2007 No comments yet

Even though we always stress that Vocera is worthless outside of the hospital, one of the biggest problems in hospitals is asset management. We recommend signing in and out Vocera badges per shift. But this usually lasts for two days after "go live" and is quickly forgotten. Someone must "own" this piece. In one hospital the unit secretary is responsible for assigning badges to staff. At the end of a shift, the unit secretaries also collect them. If necessary they broadcast to the whole dept or just call individuals who have not returned them. This seems to work well. In another hospital ... More »

Sometimes when I'm on a call, my badge beeps. Why?

October 31, 2007 No comments yet

Vocera has Call Waiting capabilities. The tone indicates that someone else is trying to call you. When this happens, check your LED display. The name of the person trying to call you will be flashing. If you want to speak to the new caller, press the call button. Your current call will be put on hold (be polite and tell your current caller to hold first) and you will be connected to the new call. If you don't want to speak to the new caller, you can either press the DND button or just ignore them.

Deleting or Editing the Global Address Book (GAB)

October 28, 2007 No comments yet

Unlike User Profiles, once uploaded, there is no easy way to update or delete Global Address Book entries other than manually, entry by entry. You might have imported a large spreadsheet only to find (by using the Data Checker) that you've created duplicate entries or even realize later that you want to slim down the GAB to "necessary" entries only. Fortunately there is a great workaround. First run a Backup of the whole database. Then Export the current Global Address Entries to a csv file (Both on the Maintenance tab). Check the csv file to make sure it's good. You will need ... More »

Revoke the Block & Accept Calls Permission

October 28, 2007 No comments yet

Occasionally we get frantic calls from Vocera users that can't be reached or we find through detective work that users have accidentally blocked others from being able to call them. We have yet to find a client that wants their employees to have this ability to Block calls. So to avoid these accidental "Blocks" we like to Revoke the "Block & Accept Call" permission at the top level, the "Everyone" Group, making it universal. If you have more than one site, the "Everyone Everywhere" group. If you later find that you do indeed need this feature just Grant it at the specific ... More »

Oops… All of my calls are suddenly blocked. How do I unblock them?

October 24, 2007 No comments yet

We had a panic email this afternoon from a long-time customer who's badge all of a sudden was blocking all calls. This is actually a system feature that he didn't realize that he stumbled on (call blocking), and he didn't know how to "unblock" calls. In case you ever are stuck in the blocked call mode, just remember to tell the genie to: "Accept All Calls."

When the Middleware First Alarm Management Strategy Makes Sense

October 19, 2007 No comments yet

A few weeks back a hospital prospect called me in to discuss Vocera, and to meet some of the potential collaborators for a potential VoWiFi project. They'd previously had a very well-received Vocera demo and wanted to make sure that the work that they were doing to build out their wireless infrastructure aligned properly with Vocera's requirements. The customer already has made a significant investment in Cardiopulmonary Corp's Bernoulli patient monitoring technology, and as they look forward they want to make sure that the rich data that is coming from Bernoulli would work in their emerging wireless enterprise, an enterprise that ... More »

How do I switch a call from my Vocera badge to a telephone for privacy?

October 17, 2007 No comments yet

Sometimes a longer or sensitive conversation that begins on a Vocera badges, would be better handled on a telephone. With Vocera it's easy to transfer the call. Do the following: Press the Do Not Disturb button to put the call on hold Press the call button Say "Transfer to extension 1234" When you answer the phone, you will be connected to your Vocera call

I know I can leave a message if someone is unavailable. What if I want to leave a message without calling them first?

October 17, 2007 No comments yet

Sometimes you want to leave a message for someone who you know is not available (they may not even be on duty). And if you are a manager and have the right privileges, you may want to leave a message for an entire group or department. To leave a message without calling and waiting to see if the person is available, press the call button and say "Record a message for Joe Sutherland." Follow the prompts to complete and send the message. If you wanted to leave a message for a group, use the same procedure, but say the name of ... More »

How do I know what Groups I belong to? How do I take myself out of a group?

October 17, 2007 No comments yet

Roles based calling is one of the most powerful Vocera features. Some of our users quickly take to the concept quickly; others are confused or nervous about it. The beautiful thing about calling role is that you can get to a responsible party, without knowing someone's name. All users belong to Departments and Groups. Sometimes users need to be in a group only temporarily. There are "roles" that change every shift, and Vocera allows users in those roles to add and remove themselves from the group. To add or remove yourself from a group, say "Add me to " ... More »

I was listening to a message, and I didn't hear part of it. How do I repeat it?

October 10, 2007 No comments yet

While you are listening to your messages, you can do any of the following: Delete/Save/Repeat/Time/Date/Back/Cancel. Under Vocera version 4.x you need to press and hold down the call button and speak the command. If you have version 3.x, you only need to depress the call button and speak the command.

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