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Vocera, Hospitalists, Nocturnists and DND

April 22, 2009 Comments Off on Vocera, Hospitalists, Nocturnists and DND

According to the March 12th issues of the New England Journal of Medicine (as reported in MedPage Today), in some regions of the US, upwards of 70% of inpatient care now being taken care of by hospitalists. With the steady rise of these physicians who are primarily hospital employees, it's no surprise that these doctors are increasingly part of workflow technologies like Vocera. Communication needs and preferences are very different for different clinical roles, and hospitalists are no exception. The following illustrates a Vocera workflow for hospitalists that accommodate their preferred communication style. It's a great example of how incredibly creative ... More »

Vocera and the Night Transporters

April 10, 2009 Comments Off on Vocera and the Night Transporters

Recently, while doing regular rounds as part of our ongoing support for one of our customers, I observed Kathy G (night manager) and a nurse pushing a bed with a patient in it to one of the nursing units. When I asked her where the transporter was (Brian M. was in the Night Transporter Group), she replied that she could not reach him. I made a mental note to come back and chat with her regarding how we could make some modifications to Vocera's calling behavior and workflow to help her in this type of situation. She later had time to meet ... More »

Voalte Creates Sparks @ HIMSS2009

April 9, 2009 Comments Off on Voalte Creates Sparks @ HIMSS2009

After a very exhausting quick two day run through HIMSS2009 in Chicago, my colleague Bill McKenna asked me whether I had any takeaways. If I was true to form, Bill would have gotten a very quick read from me, but as we finished up lunch, I didn’t really have a fast or easy answer. Now riding the plane back to New York, I take a moment to make some commentary. Bill and I had a bit of hit list at HIMSS and we worked to catch up with vendors who work in our areas of focus: voice communications, alarm management, and ... More »