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Midstate Medical Supercharges Legacy Nursecall

June 25, 2012 No comments yet

Last spring Gary Blumberg at Midstate Medical Center (Meriden, CT) called to ask if there was a way to tweak their nursecall/Vocera workflow to accommodate staff members taking breaks or leaving the nursing unit. While I enjoy giving rapid fire sage wisdom to my customers, the answer was not as simple as having users pressing the DND button on their Vocera communication badge. If you know anything about the way nursing units work, you will understand why what seemed like a relatively simple request turned into deeper discussions about nursecall workflow in general… So if someone went to lunch, who should receive ... More »

TPC Healthcare is Now T2 Technical Services

June 21, 2012 No comments yet

"T2 continues to match up with a loyal core of customers who are looking for old-fashioned partnership with a trusted and reliable service provider." After 5 years of independent operation as TPC Healthcare, Schiff Partners, Inc. (parent of TPC Healthcare) is proud to announce the launch of its newly rebranded healthcare business, T2 Technical Services (T2). Originally launched in 2007 as TPC Healthcare, over the last 5 years the T2 team has built off the innovative work done previously under the umbrella of TPC Systems, the Milford, Connecticut-based systems integrator that served as its incubator. With a sharpened focus on point of ... More »

T2 Launches Devicekeeper v2 Mobile Device Asset Management Solution for Hospitals

June 18, 2012 No comments yet

Second Generation of Mobile Device Asset Management Platform Released Schiff Partners, Inc., parent of T2 Technical Services (T2) and is excited to announce the release of Devicekeeper v2, the 2nd generation of their mobile device asset management solution.  Deployed as a cloud-based or in-house solution, gives hospitals a practical means tracking and managing Vocera® badges, wireless in-house phones from Cisco, Ascom, or Polycom/Spectralink; pagers; PDAs; iPhones; Android devices; and BlackBerrys® smartphones in an organized, centralized, easy-to-use web-based application. As with the original, Devicekeeper v2 includes live update capabilities from connected Vocera systems, providing regular last user/location information and comprehensive device life ... More »

T2 Custom Vocera Headsets Provide Customers with Privacy and HIPAA Compliance Options

June 1, 2012 No comments yet

Customers Deploying the Vocera® Communication platform Concerned About Privacy and HIPAA Compliance Have Options Since 2009 T2 Technical Services has been providing Vocera customers with a variety of headset options to meet privacy and HIPAA mandates. T2's Vocera-ready headsets are customized Plantronics MX150 style noise canceling devices that have been specially modified with shortened cords in either 13" or 16" lengths. T2 also produces a value-priced ear-bud headset modeled after the standard Blackberry earpiece as an alternative. Initially designed to be a one-to-one replacement for the special Vocera model that Plantronics modified for Vocera usage (a standard headset with 9" cord designed ... More »

Vocera Nurse Call Integration @ Midstate Medical Center

April 27, 2012 No comments yet

We recently collaborated with Midstate Medical Center (Meriden, CT) to deliver a tightly integrated workflow that quickly and efficiently connects patient alarms and caregivers. Midstate's goal is to provide a "safer and more satisfying experience" for their patients. This short Midstate produced training video show off their processes in action and clearly demonstrates how the organization is working to achieve their patient goals. Building off of their legacy Rauland Responder IV nurse call system (circa 1998), Midstate's workflow processes are tied together with Connexall's alarm messaging workflow engine, and Vocera Communication badges. The end result is a refined process with detailed performance ... More »

Ever Wish You Had a List of All Vocera Commands? [Updated for 4.3]

April 7, 2012 No comments yet

Way back when Vocera was in version 1, someone in Cupertino shared a spreadsheet with me that had all the voice commands listed. At some point it was determined that this was not a good thing to give out to customers, and now everything is more properly tucked into the Users' Guide. Many times I've just wanted to quickly look up a command and not have to resort to RTFM. So for those who learning styles call for the command spreadsheet, I offer the Vocera Command Summary Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format). BTW, this doesn't include any of the easter eggs ... More »

Are You Out of Vocera Licenses All of a Sudden?

March 26, 2012 No comments yet

In spite of seemingly having enough licenses (300 Enterprise), one our customers hit the wall Vocera licensing wise. There was a huge discrepancy between the number of active users in the admin console and the number of logged in users. For some reason the customer had chosen to not enable auto-logout (default for this is 60 m) in their setup. It seems that large numbers of users have been using the system but NOT logging out of their devices. It is likely that they are either turning them off, or taking them out of the building. Since "auto logout" was not ... More »

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