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Wearability Really Matters When it comes to Alarm Notification and Device Integration

March 19, 2013 No comments yet

With Google's Project Glass  as well as Apple and Samsung's smart watches soon upon us (and of course the infamous Kickstarter fueled Pebble), there's new attention to wearable communications devices that's interesting to see unfold. For any of us who have fumbled with mobile device interfaces for the last 15 or 20 years, the focus on eliminating physical barriers is encouraging. Best of all, it is likely to yield some significant user experience improvements that should carry over to the non-cyborg day-to-day devices we carry. As an inveterate geek and entrepreneur, my hat is off to these technology behemoths for trying ... More »

Updated Premiere Vocera-ready Headsets Now Available

January 28, 2013 No comments yet

T2 is excited to announce the availability of the Premiere Vocera Headset with Boom and Flex Grip. Based on the Plantronics MX250s, this new addition to our line of Vocera-ready headsets uses Plantronics' superior noise cancelling microphones to provide users with additional privacy options or a way to more effectively use Vocera in high noise environments. The headsets are built with a 13" cord which allows users to easily use the device with either clips or lanyards. You can purchase the headsets directly from T2 here. As with our other products, contact us for quotes on bulk orders.

Vocera B3000 Screen Protectors Now Available

January 28, 2013 No comments yet

T2 is happy to announce the availability of Vocera B3000 screen protectors. Similar to the protector sheets that you would use on an iPhone or Android device, the B3000 protectors are designed to protect your device's screen from scratches and smudges. The protectors have the added side benefit of providing better viewing with less glare. Purchase the screen protectors along with our special Vocera-ready headsets directly from T2's store.

Vocera Headset Closeout. Save 50% on Select Models

January 10, 2013 No comments yet

T2 is offering a special 50% off clearance sale on Vocera-ready Plantronics MX150 headets. Head over to our eshop and check out these special offers on our excess inventory: Deluxe Vocera Headset with Boom/Flex Grip, Shortened Cord and Special L Plug—25 Pack Special 9" Vocera®-ready custom headset with Boom and Flex Grip. This device is a customized Plantronics MX150 designed to work specifically with the original Vocera B2000 headset lanyard (not included), or B3000 devices (will not work with B2000 devices with rubber sleeves). Note: the cord is 9" long. Deluxe Vocera Headset with Boom/Flex Grip, Shortened Cord and Special Straight Plug—10 Pack Special ... More »

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