Northern Westchester Hospital Improves Emergency Department Patient Flow with the Help of TPC Healthcare

Posted by: Kenny Schiff on November 3, 2007

Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH) had a specific business goal this year – to improve patient flow through the Emergency Department (ED) while ensuring the same high standard of quality patient care. To achieve this goal, NWH reviewed the current ED workflow and revised the process. As plans for the revised workflow were concluding in mid 2007 with a go-live date scheduled for October 1st, the implementation team realized that to fully implement the new process, instant, convenient voice communications among team members was needed.

The Northern Westchester team studied available options and felt that the flexibility of a Vocera communication solution would provide the level of features needed to facilitate the new workflows. A remaining hurdle, however, was left to clear – NWH had only six weeks to implement the Vocera solution.

As part of the Stellaris Health Network, the NWH team was familiar with a previous Vocera implementation at a sister facility, Phelps Hospital. Phelps has been using Vocera since October 2005. As part of due diligence, the NWH technology team studied the Vocera application at Phelps and quickly learned that ongoing support services would be critical to project success.

The Phelps team described how they had worked with TPC Healthcare in an ongoing partnership to maintain the Vocera application – both for end user training and support and for system administration. John Partenza, senior vice-president and treasurer at NWH commented, “TPC Healthcare was attractive to us because they could meet our aggressive deadlines for Vocera implementation and because they offered an ongoing basis for support.”

NWH contracted with TPC Healthcare to take the project from zero to production inside of six weeks. Part of the project included remediation of the existing wireless network, gathering end user requirements, end user training and system installation and testing.

On October 1st the new ED opened with a redesigned workflow and with Vocera in place to support the department’s critical communication needs. The initial Vocera deployment includes not only the ED clinical team but also the transporters, radiology department and technicians responsible for supporting the ED. Going forward, NWH is planning an additional Vocera roll out throughout the hospital.

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