We started the “practice” that eventually became T2 Technical Services in 2003 as part of  TPC Systems, the Milford, CT-based provider of healthcare, education, and commercial communications and life safety technologies. We did business as TPC Healthcare from 2007 through 2012, and now the same team operates as T2 Technical Services.

Our Philosophy
From the very beginning we saw some serious holes in how applications were being sold, implemented, and supported. We’ve strove to fill those gaps by delivering complete technology solutions to our hospital customers. At our core we are a high touch service provider that focuses on making complex mobile and location applications practical and sustainable.

The healthcare technology business is crowded and noisy. Below the surface you will find many unsatisfied customers who had high expectations but became disillusioned along the way. Promises abound and technology trends come and go. We’ve differentiated ourselves by filling in the gaps for customers. Every day we provide the extras that help our customers do better with wireless voice devices, alarm messaging applications and real time location systems.

We are true believers that technology can make the healthcare business more efficient, safer, and a better place to work. There’s great promise in systems and applications, but the results that are needed are much bigger than software and hardware alone. That’s where we come in.

What We Can Do for You
Whether it’s going the extra distance to help you understand the upfront choices about systems and their underlying technologies, buffering the complexities around deployment logistics, delivering training or Go Live support, or providing quality ongoing staffing to support end-users on the floors and departments where it’s needed most, we provide a level of backup that has kept our customers coming back to us year in and year out.

We can do the same for you.

Are you looking to deploy wireless voice and alarm integration, or have an existing Vocera deployment you would like to reinvigorate? Do you need an ongoing support program that will bolster your end users productivity? We invite you to consider our practical and pragmatic approach to healthcare communications technologies. Call us @ 888.427.2215 to find out more.

Kenny Schiff
Founder and President / Managing Partner
T2 Technical Services

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