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Vocera B3000 Screen Protectors Now Available

January 28, 2013 No comments yet

T2 is happy to announce the availability of Vocera B3000 screen protectors. Similar to the protector sheets that you would use on an iPhone or Android device, the B3000 protectors are designed to protect your device's screen from scratches and smudges. The protectors have the added side benefit of providing better viewing with less glare. Purchase the screen protectors along with our special Vocera-ready headsets directly from T2's store.

Ever Wish You Had a List of All Vocera Commands? [Updated for 4.3]

April 7, 2012 No comments yet

Way back when Vocera was in version 1, someone in Cupertino shared a spreadsheet with me that had all the voice commands listed. At some point it was determined that this was not a good thing to give out to customers, and now everything is more properly tucked into the Users' Guide. Many times I've just wanted to quickly look up a command and not have to resort to RTFM. So for those who learning styles call for the command spreadsheet, I offer the Vocera Command Summary Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format). BTW, this doesn't include any of the easter eggs ... More »

Are You Out of Vocera Licenses All of a Sudden?

March 26, 2012 No comments yet

In spite of seemingly having enough licenses (300 Enterprise), one our customers hit the wall Vocera licensing wise. There was a huge discrepancy between the number of active users in the admin console and the number of logged in users. For some reason the customer had chosen to not enable auto-logout (default for this is 60 m) in their setup. It seems that large numbers of users have been using the system but NOT logging out of their devices. It is likely that they are either turning them off, or taking them out of the building. Since "auto logout" was not ... More »

Vocera, Hospitalists, Nocturnists and DND

April 22, 2009 No comments yet

According to the March 12th issues of the New England Journal of Medicine (as reported in MedPage Today), in some regions of the US, upwards of 70% of inpatient care now being taken care of by hospitalists. With the steady rise of these physicians who are primarily hospital employees, it's no surprise that these doctors are increasingly part of workflow technologies like Vocera. Communication needs and preferences are very different for different clinical roles, and hospitalists are no exception. The following illustrates a Vocera workflow for hospitalists that accommodate their preferred communication style. It's a great example of how incredibly creative ... More »

Vocera and the Night Transporters

April 10, 2009 No comments yet

Recently, while doing regular rounds as part of our ongoing support for one of our customers, I observed Kathy G (night manager) and a nurse pushing a bed with a patient in it to one of the nursing units. When I asked her where the transporter was (Brian M. was in the Night Transporter Group), she replied that she could not reach him. I made a mental note to come back and chat with her regarding how we could make some modifications to Vocera's calling behavior and workflow to help her in this type of situation. She later had time to meet ... More »

Why Putting an AP in Your Parking Lot Won't Really Help you stop Vocera Badges from Walking

October 2, 2008 No comments yet

Finding Vocera® devices that leave your campus is an issue that many customers are grappling with...What's an organization to do? Best practice for mobile asset management is a strong unit level coordination with well defined, managed procedures and financial accountability. In many organizations, despite management's best intentions, that turns out be difficult. It's not uncommon to put drop boxes by the employee exit. One of our customers experimented with badge sign-out that required users to give car keys (or something else essential) as collateral (I’m pretty sure this was abandoned). Other customers have even gone further to ensure control, including the ... More »

When does a Badge's Last Used (BLU) status change?

August 29, 2008 No comments yet

Some of our users have noticed that the Vocera report server sometimes doesn't seem to know about certain badges being logged into. This has to do with how Vocera logs inventory data. In order for a badge’s "last used" status to change in the Badge Last Used (BLU) report (or Devicekeeper, for those of you that use it), a user has to log in the badge and still be logged in when the badge updates its inventory record in the logs. This update occurs every 15 minutes (from when the badge is powered on).

Badge Labeling Tips

May 8, 2008 No comments yet

In order to help keep track of Vocera badges, it's a good idea to create a labeling scheme. For instance, have your Labor & Delivery unit badges labeled as L&D-1, L&D-2, etc. This helps units keep track of their inventory. It's also helpful if users try to use the same badge every day. It helps keep them from getting lost if someone from each shift is always looking for "their" badge and they know who uses it on the prior shift. Dymo and P-touch labels do the job quite well. Consider making the labels with enough tape ... More »

What's In Your Vocera Badge Repair Toolkit? Here's what's in mine.

May 8, 2008 No comments yet

I never go to a Vocera client site without the following in my tool bag: Vocera repair kit Goo Gone (or similar adhesive remover/cleaner) Napkins/tissues for applying the Goo Gone Paper clip or tweezers for removing pieces of broken battery clip from the grooves Super glue in case of broken plastic A couple of toothpicks - for applying glue Fine-point permanent marker (for writing the badge label info next to the bar code under the battery) Pencil eraser (for removing the aforementioned handwritten label if necessary)

Eeeww. My badge is covered in sticky tape adhesive and who knows what else.

May 8, 2008 No comments yet

Battery clips break. A temporary user fix is to tape the battery in place. Cellophane tape, medical tape, whatever is handy. Problem is, once the battery clip is fixed, the residue from the tape remains. Bring on the Goo Gone cleaner and wipe that adhesive mess right off. It's great stuff - gets the sticky stuff off and leaves the badge clean. I carry a small bottle of it in my badge repair kit.

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