Custom Vocera Headsets with Shortened Cords Available from

Posted by: Kenny Schiff on September 23, 2008

TPC Healthcare Delivers Customized Vocera-Ready Headsets through Its eStore

Stratford, CT—As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting and optimizing the user experience of Vocera® customers, TPC Healthcare today announced the availability of custom Vocera-ready headsets through its ecommerce site. Offered in a basic earbud or deluxe models with boom, these customized headsets come with a shortened 9″ cord suitable for use with the Vocera® headset lanyard.

Plantronics, the previous supplier of Vocera-ready headset recently discontinued production of their line of headsets with shortened cords (like the MX150), leaving Vocera customers with little available options for headsets that would work with Vocera’s headset lanyards.  TPC Healthcare’s headset solutions are intended to assist customers with users in higher noise environments, or where longer private conversations are necessary.

The estore offers single headsets and also 10 packs. Customer wishing to purchase with credit cards can place orders online. Those seeking large quantities or wishing to place institutional orders via POs can call TPC Healthcare’s main offices for additional information at 888.427.2215.

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About TPC Healthcare
Headquartered in Stratford, Connecticut, TPC Healthcare is a full-service technology and communications solutions provider delivering wireless voice, workflow/middleware messaging applications, and managed support services to healthcare organizations. TPC Healthcare focuses on offering customers technology expertise, exceptional levels of service, and years of experience developing healthcare communications solutions. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact:
Kenny Schiff
TPC Healthcare
Voice: 888.427.2215

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