Alarm Notification / Workflow Messaging

For the last 20 years mobile technologies and tools that work to close the loop between patient and caregivers have increasingly made their way into community hospitals and large healthcare systems alike. With increasing sophistication, product and platforms that automate the match of data about patient requests, changes in condition, status or other alarm condition to the appropriate caregivers on a wide variety of devices have significantly improved responsiveness and patient safety.  Since 2003, T2 has specialized in helping customer close the gap.

Today we distinguish ourselves through our focus on the reporting and analytical tools that will help hospitals make the most of their integrated communications platforms to improve their day-to-day performance, not just on connectivity.

We Can Help Your Sort this Out
The industry has mostly confused and muddled the process for hospitals looking to do better with alarm, alerts, and notifications. Someone shopping for a solution will be quickly confused because vendors can’t agree on how to even describe their solutions. Call it middleware, Event Management, Mobile Event Notification, a Clinical Interoperability and Workflow Engine, Smart Integration, or Clinical Alerting Software platform, no one can agree. If you aren’t already confused, do some homework about the various ways that staff assignment is handled and your head with be spinning. We’re here to help you understand it more easily and put the technology to work.

Hospitals have become increasingly competitive places, with larger and larger numbers of patients making discretionary decisions about where to seek treatment or receive quality of life healthcare services. With increased visibility via public reporting of patient perspective via initiatives like HCAHPS, hospitals are increasingly looking to ways to improve the responsiveness of their care, but also to provide measurement tools for executives and managers to benchmark and improve performance. That’s where our alarm notification/workflow services come into play.

T2 has been designing, implementing and supporting alarm notification/workflow messaging solutions from simple nurse call integrations to telemetry monitors since 2003. We help design and implement solutions that can utilize your existing pagers, mobile phones or Vocera badges to deliver these alarms in a fashion that works for your specific workflow.

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