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Many alarm notification workflow projects start with a simple need: getting alarm/alerts to responsible parties. Given the mobile nature of healthcare workers and proliferation of connectivity tools, the notion that one could target alarms from originating applications like telemetry or nursecall often seems simple enough. One quickly discovers that the connectivity piece is only a small part of benefiting from presenting alarms to mobile caregivers.

Why CareSight?
CareSight takes all that important alarm data and brings it to the surface so that it can be used by managers to reduce risk incidents, improve process, provide feedback to under-performing staff members, or research medical or customer service incidents. Even if you have an older nursecall system with no reporting package or obsolete software, CareSight can gather and present important information regarding the types of calls/alarms and response times to those alarms.

How it Works
Our professional services team works with clinical decision makers, patient experience and quality managers to determine key performance indicators and important behaviors that need to be observed. We then configure CareSight’s analytics engine to pull alarm data from your Connexall, Emergin, Ascom, or similar middleware application.

Once configured, the system provides roles based web portal access to key users with the dashboards and performance metrics that are specific to their roles. Additionally, the platform can push prebuilt analytic objects directly to line managers and executive leadership via email on a predefined schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Organizational leadership and unit level managers alike can then easily observe changes in alarm frequency, duration of alarms, and the time it takes caregivers to respond to them. Power users can use the web application to run analytics on demand, or to work interactively with dashboards and reports.

  • Makes important alarm data available to clinical, quality and risk managers without need for a systems analysts or internal IT resources
  • Need to drill down? Web-based dashboards makes data and queries available when and where needed
  • Email reports can be delivered using the format that works best in your organization:
    • Inline HTML
    • Attachments: PDF, Excel, or MS Word

CareSight’s dashboards can display your results in a variety of styles.

CareSight Dashboard

Sample Dashboard Page with Monthly KPIs

Our team will work with you to develop key indicators and the matching dashboard styles that will best highlight the key information your team needs to interact with.

Sample HCAHPS Dashboard

Sample HCAHPS Dashboard

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