CareSight Q & A

Q: What is CareSight?

A: CareSight is a “patient care intelligence” platform that melds together key transactional analytics from your important clinical applications and brings to the surface results and trends in a unified easy-to-understand format right in your web browser. It’s designed to empower care managers, patient care services executives, quality and risk professionals, and hospital leadership distilled and meaningful views of patient care activities in real time without manual processing.

By breaking apart traditional proprietary data silos and looking at important connecting points between systems, CareSight works to synthesize information that is typically hidden, unavailable, and disconnected. For busy managers, we provide top-level snapshots and comparative key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide insight to how things have been going, but foster an environment that is strategic and results-focused.

Built on the foundation of a fully featured data-source agnostic dashboard and reporting engine, CareSight comes with our professional analytic services so that it gets delivered to customers fully-conceived and built to match your performance goals and standards. Reaching your targets is an organic and evolutionary process. The dashboards and performance measures you start with will inherently grow and evolve. We’re here to support that process.

Whether you start with nursecall, patient monitoring, or other critical or patient safety systems, our product and services are designed to be specific to how your organization operates and built to support how you would like to operate in the future.

Q: Do I Really Need Another Distraction? Our Clinicians are Already Being Bombarded with Too Much Information.

A: We aim to give caregivers information that is clear, specific, and focused on performance indicators. Every department, care unit, or clinical discipline has its key numbers. Our philosophy is to build a platform that allows you to pay attention to those numbers and easily drill down if you need to see more.

No one wants to weed through sheaves of paper on traditional reports or to grab extracts from systems and manually plunk data into Excel to present at a huddle or monthly meeting. Whether you are Nurse Manager, Director of Patient Care Services, or Vice President of Quality, CareSight delivers your numbers on the web, your mobile device, or via email.

Q: Why Do I need CareSight? I Already Have Middleware or Nursecall Reporting Packages.

A: Simply put, regardless of how great your providers are, they are typically selfish. The data you normally have access to tells a narrow story about one side of the transaction. We’ve discovered that there’s a bigger and more important story to tell that needs additional contextual information like escalation levels, user response activity, census, HCAHPS scores, and risk incidences that originating system reporting is not designed to factor in.

For many application providers, analytics is an afterthought. The packages that come with middleware or nursecall typically offer some basic templates or self-service options that aren’t built for comparative or performance management purposes.

Q: Aren’t there Lots of Other Dashboard Products Out there that we can use to do the same things as CareSight?

A: We live in an unprecedented time of data availability and there are now many powerful (and expensive) tools for analyzing and presenting data. CareSight is not one of those. We are not offering customers a build-it-yourself erector set dashboard kit or a generic reporting engine. Instead we are offering a product and service that allows you to leverage our know-how and experience to tailor our framework to suit your needs. You may have teams of people at your facility who are warehousing and dissecting data, but in our experience those efforts aren’t focused on clinical communications, alarm management, or other life safety activities. And even if you had the tools and expertise, effectively and efficiently preparing meaningful data for clinicians is not a magical automatic process.

Q: What is Special About T2’s Approach and Why Should We Consult with you?

A: The T2 team has been actively engaged with hospital customers on alarm notification, middleware integration, mobile voice implementation, and performance analytics since 2003. We have always been excited by the possibilities that the technology has offered to customers, but also noticed that customers rarely get the ROI they imagined or were promised. They key technologies that you have invested in can tell you an enormous amount of what’s going on in every nook and cranny of your facilities. We built CareSight to leverage that data so that you could significantly bolster your investments.

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