Wireless Voice

Since 2003 the T2 team has brought our unique brand of high touch support services to wireless voice deployments at hospitals throughout the US. Our seasoned staff comes to customers like you with a unique understanding of how caregivers and support personnel can effectively use mobile communication technologies to deliver patient care and operational support. Our experience tells us that success is not about the device, or the platform, but how you put the technology to work. We work with you to put it to work.

Supporting a Diverse Ecosystem of Healthcare Communications Technologies
With significant portions of staff on the move throughout units, buildings and campuses, hospitals needs for specialized mobile communications solutions is unique and demanding. The viability of single sourced proprietary one-size fits all devices is long gone. And as many knowing customer will tell you, no solution is plug and play. With more and more hospital customers supporting diverse ecosystem of wireless voice and mobile data devices, T2 provides customers with independent resources who provide the caring know-how of how to apply wireless voice solutions in a hospital setting.

  • Platform and manufacturer agnostic integration solutions that integrate alarms and alerts with your wireless voice devices
  • Planning and guidance for new deployments, including:
    • Project Management
    • Call Flow design
  • Day 2 Services
    • Orientation and training programs
    • Go Live support
    • Ongoing rounding and operational support
    • System relaunches and expansion
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