Premiere Vocera Headset with Boom and FlexGrip (shortened cord)
Vocera®-ready custom headset with Boom and Flex Grip, shortened cord headset is a customized Plantronics MX250 with a 13” cord designed to work specifically with the Vocera headset lanyard. An update of the MX150 (the most commonly used headset for Vocera applications), and combines Flex Grip design with advanced microphone technology, resulting in a discreet, stable and high-quality headset. The bendable noise-canceling boom provides optimal fit and superior call clarity in nearly every environment.

Basic Vocera Earbud Headset, Shortened Cord
An economical, basic customized Vocera® headset designed for use with the Vocera B2000 or B3000 badge. The cord is shortened to 13” to work properly with the Vocera headset lanyard. A comfortable earbud design, along with in-line microphone, makes listening and speaking extremely easy. Excellent headset for short, intermittent conversations in noisy environments, or where privacy is required. This headset is extremely easy to insert or remove from your ear. Note: call end button on headset is not functional.


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