What do I do when I'm on the Phone and my Badge Rings?

Posted by: Kenny Schiff on November 1, 2007

It can be a very frustrating when you are speaking on the phone and your Vocera badge chimes in “Can you take a call from Jane Doe?” At this point, the badge is trying to interpret your conversation on the phone as a “yes” or “no”. More likely the genie will say “I don’t understand. Will you take…..”

There are two ways to effectively handle this situation. If you do not care to pick up the call, press the top triangular Do Not Disturb button. This is equivalent to a verbal “no” in a yes/no question and the call will flow as designed.

The other alternative is when you really want to speak with the badge caller and you need to finish your phone conversation. The quick and simple way is to press the front Call button, which is equivalent to a “yes” and then press the top triangular bottom which during a call is the Hold button. When you finish your conversation, you then press the top triangular Hold button to take the call off hold and politely say, “Sorry about that, what can I do for you”.

This certainly beats getting into a verbal war with the Genie!

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